Sally Hafez Bahgat founded the Oasis Community Center in 2013 near Cairo in Egypt (Gizeh). The Center is an organization aiming to a more sustainable world based on renewable energy, recycling and environmental activities. They want to encourage the community, especially the young generation, to recycle and plant trees for CO2 emission reduction.

The Oasis Community Center provides curricula-based-education, hands-on training, and practical show-casing to school kids on sustainability issues. This is done through Oasis Green Day and Green Camp for children from national and international schools, and university undergraduates. She says : “The whole idea is that we want children to live the experience, not just to hear a couple of phrases and then leave”.  In 2016, she participated to TEDxCairoWomen, to share her story and vision for a sustainable Egypt.

With the opening of her Center she also launched the initiative “Khadra”, which is a partnership between her organization and the Takatof Foundation. It’s an initiative that encourages school children to be environmentally friendly.