Sinda Soussia is the founder and CEO of I.T. Grapes. The innovation agency was founded 2011, in Tunis and specialized  in information systems, real time, Iot, Big Data, web and mobile applications. Their vision they say is: “We have chosen to be part of this revolution using the most advanced technologies to overcome this world challenges with the most reliable partners”.

More recently, Sinda and her team have decided to take-on the water problem that remains in Tunisia with a new project called Seabex. Indeed, Tunisia is the most water-stressed country in the MENA region. Irrigation constitutes the largest consumer of water in Tunisia, using 80% of the total water potential in the country. Seabex was designed to face this worldwide major problem. They built an e-monitoring and smart automation system for agriculture that aims to help farmers make a better use of the available resources (especially water and energy) to produce more in larger quantities and better quality.

In 2016, Sinda won the Techwomen which is an initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. In 2015, Sinda benefitted from UNIDO’s project, because of her work to empower women in the MENA Region.