Yasmine Mustafa is the founder and CEO of ROAR For Good, a company that makes self-defense wearable technology to diminish attacks against women. The idea was to create a fashionable accessory that can be triggered in case of an emergency. It has the option to launch a bright light and a loud alarm to disorient an attacker or a silent mode.

It all started from various events she witnessed, she explains: “Traveling alone for 6 months last year and encountering woman after woman who had been assaulted in some way. A week after I returned, a woman was raped a block from my apartment. I was inspired to create something that uses my background and technology to make women safer.”

In 2009, she founded 123LinkIt, a software system that helped bloggers make money from their content. She learned a lot there, about how to interact with developers and tried to teach herself to code.

Aside from her companies, Yasmine also launched Girl Develop It in Philadelphia, in 2010. It began as a call to action for women, by women who were tired of the low representation of women in tech, and wanted to make a difference. Today, Girl Develop It chapters are building strong, empowered communities in 58 cities, representing 55,000+ members nationwide who are changing their lives through learning to code with us.