Zainab is a young woman breaking all the taboos and clichés about the Moroccan society and its gender inequalities. She is a self-taught cartoonist and with the help of her graphic tablet, she is drawing her observations on how women are treated or mistreated in her country.

She recently graduated from the National School of Electricity and Mechanics in Casablanca with a degree in  Industrial Mechanics Engineering. She has nearly 2000 subscribers on her Instagram account and nearly 4000 on her Facebook page. She regularly posts new contents and cartoons in the hope of slowly changing the mentalities. She, herself, was victim of sexual harassment and progressively became a feminist, she explains: As a Moroccan girl, I’m always scared. I am always afraid to use public transport. I am 23 years old and I have always had to face sexual harassment.”

Zainab is also a contributor to Skefkef, a comic strip that for more than two years has brought together the works of several Moroccan artists. However, she published her first comic called Omor (“Things”) on her own. In it, she explores the difficulties of a woman’s life in Morocco. She denounces the gender inequalities through the characters of three young Moroccan women.