Meet Rania Abdalla And Women in Africa Leadership Initiative

Led by Rania, Aspire HR Consultants team focus predominantly on Management and HR solutions such as executive search, HR consultancy, leadership assessment and empowering and preparing women on board which is a key aspect to creating and delivering winning strategies, competitive cultures and successful businesses.

Rania also sits on the Executive Board of IRC Global Executive Search Partners, the World’s largest executive search alliance, represented by more than 90 cities across 6 continents. She is also the Global Leader of Consumer & Retail practice.

Holding a degree in Economics from the American University in Cairo, and a Master degree in Human Resource Management from Kingston Business School, UK, Rania dedicated her professional life and career moves to contribute value as well as partner in successes of many organizations.

Women on Board Leadership/Mentorship Program in Africa Diversity should be on every company’s agenda as it is a critical factor in an organization’s ability to innovate and adapt in a fast-changing global business environment.

With more than 25 years of Human Resources experience, Rania held senior managerial positions in PepsiCo UK, UAE and Egypt prior to founding Aspire HR Consultants, working closely with the ultimate leaders and executives of hundreds of global, regional and local organizations.

Rania was granted several global and regional awards one of which was the “overall winner” of the Emirates Business woman Award ( – a prestigious award from HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoom.

Upon her recent completion of attending Corporate Director Certification Program, CDCP* which is designed to provide participants with tools to tackle improvement of corporate governance practices, and impact the longterm planning and procedures of the board.

This journey coupled with her being an international executive board member and her passion to reinforce female leadership across Africa led her to create a leadership/mentorship program for women in Africa .This initiative is led by local talent with the support of global leadership talent; as well as on-the-ground Africa presence in Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria and others.

This initiative is based on her belief that progress in Africa will be achieved by leveraging women’s leadership voices and contribution in senior management positions like CXOs or being on the board. The program provides a range of services Mentoring Support –dedicated one on one coaching covering a wide variety of topics and using leadership assessment tools.

No matter where women are from, the stories of their challenges and successes remain the same. Rania believes that the coming decade will witness a positive change reshaping perception and equality for a wider talent pool of women.


Valentina Nocenra