North South Centre of Council of Europe Recognizes Womenpreneur Initiative

13-09-2016] –   Former participant of the first training of trainers on Structured Participation of Young Women in Democratic Processes, in September 2015,Sanaa Afouaiz has recently launched recently the organisation Womenpreneur, to support women entrepreneurs from the Middle East and North Africa regions to grow scalable businesses, accompany them through the process of delivering their initiatives and to address the key challenges impacting on the growth of female led business initiatives.
Starting from the premise that ensuring women access to business opportunities is critical to economic prosperity and sustainable development of communities and supported on research that indicates the lack of role models, low self-confidence, lack of technical expertise, and limited access to appropriate networking and funding are the main challenges women entrepreneurs face, Womenpreneur identifies, every year, 10 ambitious women-owned social enterprises, which are on the cusp of growth, and supports them through a one-year competitive program designed to take their businesses and leadership to the next level and mostly impact their societies.

Womenpreneur is seeking applications from female social entrepreneurs from The Middle East and North Africa. Entrepreneurs are selected by a committee consisting of advisors and a management team that evaluates the applications according, not only to the initiative presented, but also on the applicant’s drive, motivation and commitment to social impact. The Womenpreneur programme will strengthened knowledge, skills, and confidence in six core areas, business planning, leadership, financial management, personal development, networking and marketing. As well as grant access to potential partners and a diverse network.


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