Roundtable with Ms. Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Prize for democracy and human rights

As a result of gender discrimination, women have suffered throughout history: suppression of identify, lack of social recognition, usurpation of legal rights and economic dependence.  We have however come a long way in narrowing the gender gap and thus recognising women’s humanity.  But there is a lot more to be done in our endeavour of imagining and creating a better human society, where women realise their full potential.

It is with women like Shirin Ebadi that we edge towards our ultimate goal of creating a healthier society devoid of all forms of discrimination based on sex and gender.

Recipient of the Nobel Prize for Peace, Shirin Ebadi will share with us her vision for the future.  A vision that is based on her real-life struggle against misogyny and discrimination.  Her story serves as a lesson and an inspiration to us all.

The aim of this roundtable is to challenge outdated narratives by imagining new possibilities.

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This event is organised in partnership with BEABEE and MC Academy for International Legal Studies.