The Womenpreneur Tour Book Launch: Women Turning Crises Into Opportunities

Womenpreneur-Initiative and SANAD Entrepreneurship Academy, invite you with great pleasure and honor to our Book Launch of:

Womenpreneur Tour:

“Women Turning Crises Into Opportunities”

Tuesday, December 14 at 1 PM – 2 PM (CET)

On Zoom

As the global health pandemic continues to have profound impacts on the social, economic, and political lives of individuals across the world, it has also intensified pre-existing gender inequalities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Prior to the pandemic, gender disparities within the MENA region were a cause for concern, but the upheavals of 2020 magnified and exacerbated their effects. The MENA region is among the lowest in the world for female labour force participation and gender parity in entrepreneurship. Traditional gender roles that dominate these countries continue to exclude women from participating in the formal labour force. This leaves them particularly vulnerable to the economic repercussions of crises.


In recognition of these challenges, and in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic’s overwhelming impacts on life as we know it, Womenpreneur Initiative & SANAD Entrepreneurship Academy are showcasing female talent through The Womenpreneur Tour Book. The stories of this book aim to showcase the incredible strength and resilience of female entrepreneurs in Algeria, Egypt, and Lebanon. Sometimes profound, sometimes challenging, the stories of these very different women all share common traits: those of perseverance, tenacity, and overcoming enormous odds.

Join us to celebrate these inspiring women on 14th December at 1pm CET via Zoom 

The agenda:

Keynote speech & official launch of the Womenpreneur Tour Book:  

  • Sana Afouaiz, Founder & CEO of Womenpreneur
  • Jacob Ole Nestingen, Manager, Finance in Motion

Womenpreneur Tour Documentary projection 

Interview Roundtable:

  • Menna Shahin, Co-Founder & COO of Tekeya (Egypt)
  • Myriam Fournier Kacimi, Founder & CEO of SunGy (Algeria)
  • Siroun Shamigian, Founder & CEO of KamKalima (Lebanon)


  • Chiraz Bensemmane, Founder & CEO Pitch World Fast & Coach Tribe.


A special gift will be exclusively given to the participants during the event.

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Looking forward to the launching of our book with you !

Stay tuned!

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